A study reported in 1982 of publishing activities of members of the American Association of Law Libraries in the Law Library Journal (volumes 59 through 72; 1966-79) showed that there was a steady increase in the percentage of contributions by law librarians, beginning with 48.4% of the contributions in 1966 and becoming 86.8% of the contributions by 1979.                      (Source)

         Ibid…. showed thatthe percent of A ALL members who were contributors remained fairly steady over this period, ranging from 1.4% of the total membership to 5.1% of the total membership and beginning with 3.8% of the total membership in 1966 and concluding with 1.4% of the total membership in 1979.       (Source)

Dr. David Kohl

 "Libraries in the digital age are experiencing the most profound transformation since ancient Mesopotamian scribes first began gathering and organizing cuneiform tablets."

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