A 1980 survey of academic librarians in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi concerning faculty status (sample size: 416; responding: 271; usable: 267 or 64.2%) showed that, during the 1979-80 academic year, the research, publication, and grant proposal activity was as follows (for the entire group of 267; multiple responses allowed):

                 a book published                                                  3.4% respondents

                a book review published                                        7.5% respondents

                a literature review or bibliography published           4.1% respondents

                a research article published                                   15.3% respondents

                a presentation at a professional meeting                12.0% respondents

                a research proposal developed                             19.5% respondents

                a research proposal funded                                     8.3% respondents                   (Source)

        Ibid…. showed that12.0% of the respondents received release time for proposal development, while 14.2% received release time for research and publication.                      (Source)

Dr. David Kohl

 "Libraries in the digital age are experiencing the most profound transformation since ancient Mesopotamian scribes first began gathering and organizing cuneiform tablets."

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