Professional Issues


Career Issues

          General Issues                                           Job Satisfaction

          Accredited Library Degree Programs        Joint Degree Programs

          Career Patterns                                         Library School Grades

          Community Size                                        Library Work Experience

          Doctorates                                                 Mobility

          Education, General                                   Salaries

          Extended Degree Programs                      Second Master's Degree 

          Foreign Languages                                   Specific Course Work

Community Service

Faculty Status

          General Issues                                           Sabbaticals

          Directors                                                    Tenure and Promotion

Gender Issues

          General Issues                                         Management

          Age                                                           Mobility

          Career Patterns                                        Personal Life

          Demographics                                          Personality, Etc... 

          Directors                                                   Professional Service

          Education                                                  Salaries

          Length of Service

Grant Proposals

Job Hunting

Library Education -- Participation of Field In

Minority Issues

Professional Development

          Institutionally Encouraged                         Reading

Professional Organizations

Publication -- Opportunities and Requirements


          Directors                                                     Historical Patterns

          General Patterns                                       Occupation

          Gender Issues                                           Other Author Characteristics

          Geographical Distribution


Teaching and Consulting

Dr. David Kohl

 "Libraries in the digital age are experiencing the most profound transformation since ancient Mesopotamian scribes first began gathering and organizing cuneiform tablets."

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